Have you ever had one of those days where you’re feeling on cloud nine because your product is finished and ready to sell, dozens of people responded to an awesome post in your favorite Facebook Groups and you finally feel like you’re visibility is increasing, and your social media consistency is finally feeling worth the stress and long hours…

Except, very little money is actually coming through the door. You look at your bank account and realize you’re making pocket change. “I have an incredible offer that could help so many people. Is anyone even interested in what I’m selling?” You wonder.

So you tense up, feel a shortness of breath, and want to curl up on the couch with Netflix and binge watch Orange is the New Black with a bag of Doritos.

Has this ever happened to you?

Nod your head yes.

Be honest. Admit it.

I have been there. Only I think it was with chocolate ice cream.

It’s frustrating and very upsetting.

You’ve worked hard on your business and to create something you believe in…

Not to mention, you know it’ll be a tremendous support to whoever buys.

When you’re working your butt off and people aren’t buying your product, you can start to feel disheartened and even depressed.

picture of angry businesswoman with laptop at work

So how do you get people to take notice and actually buy your products?


You start by identifying the perfect client.


Woah. Did the record player just screech to a sudden stop?

Now you’re thinking… Um, I’m pretty sure she’s in my favorite Facebook Group.

But if you’re not making sales, you might want to begin by reassessing exactly who it is you’d like to reach.

Getting a crystal clear your perfect client doesn’t take that long and can have an incredible impact on the sales you make. To the right people.

So hear me out…

What in the World is a Perfect Client?

The perfect client is someone who identifies with your brand, products, and services enough to happily and eagerly exchange money for your offering.

Making money begins with knowing your perfect client.

Why do I say this?

Once you identify the perfect client, everything else in your business comes with ease. You can learn to interact using language they love and from there, send them into your sales funnel until they become a happy, eager paying client.

Then it’s rinse and repeat.

How to Pinpoint Your Ideal Client

Finding your ideal client on social media could potentially be tricky business.

Marketers seems to find endless ways to complicate the process.

But even more marketers skip this part and move right into content creation, which is a total waste of time if you’re appealing to the wrong person.

Or worse, falling on dead eyes and ears.

What a waste of time, right?

Over the past 8 years, I’ve helped countless companies and entrepreneurs pinpoint their perfect client online.

I like to keep the process streamlined and as possible. That’s why I make it a simple four stage process:

    1. Strategy
    2. Research
    3. Demographics
    4. Formula

Once you have a crystal clear idea of your perfect client, you can begin creating on-point social media content and send them directly into a sales funnel.

Perfect Client Formula Graphic

See how these pieces all come together beautifully? Stay with me… we’ll be putting it all together shortly.

No more fluff. No more wasted time on social media.

But more about creating an insanely effective sales funnel shortcut in another post. Hold your horses.

First, let’s get started on pinpointing your perfect customer on social media…

  1. Strategy


Creating an easy, effective strategy is worth its weight in social media gold.

This is proven in countless ways.

I once worked with a small company who was struggling to engage with their perfect client on social media.

We took a look at their marketing plan and I asked them a handful of key questions, which helped us create a strategy that was a natural fit for their more traditional “tried and true” marketing methods.

Because I was active on their social media accounts on a daily basis, this strategy ensured we were reaching the perfect client and helped to:

  • Save time
  • Quickly bring clients into their sales funnel and generate sales
  • Be on the lookout for new, lucrative opportunities on social media
  • Generate additional sales with current clients thanks to a continuous sales funnel

Speaking of new and lucrative possibilities, we jumped on one particular social media “theme day hashtag” opportunity (we knew our perfect client was paying attention!) and the company made over $15k in sales in ONE DAY.


What company doesn’t want that?

So yes, starting off with good strategy is a MUST.

It’ll help you pinpoint your ideal client.

And you can think of it as the start to a very accurate roadmap to success.

It really is that easy.

Creating That Money Winning Strategy…

An effective strategy is all about figuring out where you want to be…

Such as identifying your top goals.

Like MAKING MONEY, for example.

First, let your perfect client take shape.

Then it’s asking all the right questions to shape your ideal client.

Questions such as…

  1. What demographics can you attach to your perfect client? (age group, location, education, etc.)
  2. What’s his/her personality
  3. What do they value?
  4. What types of things do they consume? (anything from magazines to food to random interests)
  5. What emotions does your perfect client deal with daily?

You keep asking questions like this to really dig deeper and deeper so you can get to the bottom of who this perfect client is who will buy your product.

Think of it like this:

You have a ball of clay in your hands, but you need to shape it into something that will make you money.

In this case, you’re shaping your ball of clay into the perfect client.

Once your clay has taken shape, you give him or her a story. Don’t forget the name!

And voilà, you have your perfect client avatar.

Drawing Ideas Model Craftsman Handy Concept

Second, you identify your marketing message.

The next piece of the perfect client pie is marketing strategy, to be specific.

So get this…

The majority of entrepreneurs who are trying to market their products or services online have no clear strategy.

Say what?

This means they pretty much throw spaghetti at walls to see what sticks, so to speak.

Ugh. What a waste of time, right?

But what if I told you there are a handful of straightforward questions you could answer that would help you to find the perfect client online?

Would you like that?

Yeah, I thought so.

Here you go…

You need to first identify your top business and marketing goals for the next year. Keep it simple and pick THREE.

Once you have these top goals (keep it brief!), you can break each goal down into quarterly strategies.

Then, if you’re already in business, you need to take a look at how your current clients:

  • Find you
  • Become repeat customers
  • Know and understand your brand

Regardless of what information you have from current client behavior, ask yourself:

  • What do I want people to know about my company?
  • What issues or problems can I help my perfect client solve?
  • What’s the soul of my brand?
  • What feeling do my clients walk away with?

These questions are also perfect food-for-thought if you’re just getting started in business…

Hey, we’ve all been there!

But don’t stop with these questions.

Dig deeper and deeper.

Until you feel like you know your client intimately.

Not in-the-bedroom intimately, of course, unless that’s your business.

Wink. Wink.

But you know what I mean.

Know them enough to feel like your online marketing strategy is taking shape.

And hopefully you’ll have a sense of which social media platform your perfect customer loves and could be useful for your business.

This is an indicator of where you need to be.

Question mark drawn on a black asphalt road

At that point, you’ll feel like you can start shaping your online message.

Hey, we’re getting into content creation without even trying!

But let’s not go there yet…

Now you’ve shaped your ideal client (and hopefully gave him or her a name too!).

And your marketing message is starting to feel on-point and on-brand for what that customer would want.

It’s time to do a bit more digging.

Because we want to find out exactly where this person is hanging out on social media.

Let’s move on to our next step, which is…

  1. Research

Research your perfect client

There are THREE very important elements to research if you’d like to quickly pinpoint where your perfect client is hanging out on social media.

Knowing where the competition is on social media is a strong indicator of where you need to be.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Take a look at which social media platforms they use
  • Figure out how well they use the platform
  • Look at who is following them and how active they are on the platforms – Are they your ideal clients too?

Also, engagement is an important indicator of how well your competitor is using the platform. Do people like, share, or comment on their posts?

Ask yourself what you’d do differently or even better.

I’d suggest picking 3-5 competitors to see if you notice any similarities or patterns.

In other words, does everyone seem to be smartly and successfully placing clients into their sales funnels on any one particular social media platform?

Because this is an indicator of where you need to be.


Surveying current or ideal clients is an indicator of where you need to be.

Pick THREE or more people familiar with your brand (preferably clients if you’re already in business) and give them a call or send them an email.

Mention you’re looking to up your social media game and would love some feedback.

Then, create a mini questionnaire to ask them about their social media habits.

Really, you’re asking whatever questions will be useful for your ultimate goal of identifying where the perfect client on social media hangs.

This is an indicator of where you need to be.

Are you starting to get the big picture here?

You know all about your perfect client… now you’re tracking them down online.

We’re looking for patterns in different places.

Pretty cool, right?

Best of all… it works!

Education concept. Bookshelf with books as like symbol.

By the way, at the very bottom of this post, I have a FREE DOWNLOAD related to this, so stay tuned!

Before we move on, there’s one last piece of research I want you to take a look at…

Studying your current blog and website statistics is an indicator of where you need to be on social media.

If you already have an online presence, it’s time to take a look at your website and/or blog statistics. This can be a really insightful look into what’s working (or not) for your business.

If your website is brand new or you just launched, you can skip this research for now.

If this is the case, I recommend you come back and do this web research in a couple of months.

Also, if you haven’t already installed Google Analytics, do it now because it’s a HUGE timesaver when you keep up with your website stats.

Open Google Analytics and take a look at your visitors and how people are finding your pages or posts online.

What’s your most popular content and where does the traffic originate?

Do you notice any patterns?

Do any social media platforms send over traffic?

Again, this information provides an indicator of where you need to be on social media.

But movin’ on…

  1. Demographics

demographics of a perfect client

By now, you should be saying…

“Katie, this is a done deal. I know my perfect client so well she has a name. I have identified my marketing message. I have my research. What more information could I possibly use to pinpoint my perfect client on social media?”

Before you go out and engage your perfect client on the platform they use the most…

We need to chat demographics.

Because we want to cover all our bases.

And because there are always incredible nuggets of information when you look at the overall numbers of who is hanging out where.

Trust me, these aren’t just any nuggets.

They are nuggets of gold.

In fact, any information you can get your hands on to help you track down the perfect client is golden.

So as boring as this information might be to a statistics phobic (ahem, me!), it’s actually very digestible and easy to follow.

Let’s look at the Big 5:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Pew Research is a website that does an incredible job of breaking down the numbers for us.

Just a little note: These are the 2014 social media statistics, which might seem a little out of date… they should have updated the 2015 stats for last year in January 2016, but they still haven’t been published.

Regardless, I think the same trends continue and this is perfectly relevant information today.

You can also use this information to confirm your suspicion:

As in… “Heck yeah, I KNEW IT! All my strategy and research has told me my perfect client is on Instagram and sure enough…!”

Or maybe as a tiebreaker:

As in… “It seems like both Instagram and Facebook are the right platforms for my business, but I don’t know which platform should get my focus first.”

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Here’s a look at Facebook users:

facebook demographics 2014

(Woah, seems Facebook crosses income, educational, and age boundaries!)

And Twitter users:

twitter demographics 2014

(Psst… Notice that if you’re targeting the 65+ market, Twitter might not be the platform for your business!)


instagram demographics 2014

(Oh, the urban college student crowd looks promising!)


linkedin demograpics 2014

(Heck yes to targeting employed college grads making decent money in an urban environment on this platform!)


pinterest demographics 2014

(If suburban women making good money and living in the suburbs is your market… Pinterest just might be your platform.)

And that’s it for demographic stats… see, I told you it would be quick and easy!

Let’s quickly review what we’ve covered in this post so far, in steps. By now you have…  

  1. Created an easy, effective strategy worth its weight in social media gold
  2. Researched where your client hangs out
  3. Studied platform demographics

Finally, it’s time to…

Fill in the Perfect Client Formula!

  1. Formula

the perfect client formula

This is where it all comes together.

Identifying the perfect client and where they are on social media ensures you focus on targeting the right people.

Meaning, potential clients.

The perfect clients.

Who will buy your products.

Because you only want the PERFECT clients who are PERFECT for your business and PERFECT for what you are selling.

We’ll do this by sorting the information we uncovered in Steps 1-3.

It’s about taking the information you’ve gathered including your perfect client profile, marketing message, sifting through your research, then scoping out demographics.

Finally, you sort through all this information (that you already have on hand and know very well!) to see where your perfect client can be found on social media.

See how all the puzzle pieces come together?

Perfect Client Formula Graphic

And this, my friends, is your first ticket to social media success.

By the way, not sure how to begin surveying current or future perfect clients to find out where exactly they’re hanging out on social media and what types of incredible content you can spoon feed them?

Click that “Click Here to Steal My Perfect Client Survey!” button below and get the survey questions delivered directly to your Inbox right now.

I’ll even include tips on how to approach your perfect client and get them to send you their responses back ASAP.

I’m all about saving time, being effective, and getting results.

I love teaching these methods to other entrepreneurs.

Go get your hands on that Perfect Client Survey! Hurry!

And if you’re interested in taking your social media to the next level by ensuring everything you do and everyone you target online is geared toward your PERFECT CLIENT, grab my mini-course, The Perfect Client Formula, and let me show you exactly what to do and how to do it.



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